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The United Nations African Mothers Association (UNAMA) was formed in 1984 at a time when famine and distress in Africa, was brought to the attention of the world. African women in the United Nations system, mostly wives of African Ambassadors, came together to form an association.

Out of concern for the Mothers and children, UNAMA with the help of friends of Africa around the world, organized the “Concert of Africa” in 1985 and raised an amount of $50,000 which was donated to the United Nations Secretary Generals Emergency Fund to further its work in Ethiopia and other areas in crisis on the African continent.

Our vision

We believe in Africa, and we think that the best way to help someone is to give them the means to support themselves. This is why we are supporting women's income-generating projects and projects for children.

Our mission

UNAMA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-political and humanitarian organization.Our objectives are to provide assistance to the most deprived by working towards alleviation of critical socioeconomic problems in Africa, projecting a positive image of Africa and its people, and faster friendship and solidarity among its members and community at large. 

Our Values

Solidarity, Respect and Share is our leitmotiv.

By our actions we are giving back to our community and building a better world for Women and Children in Africa. 

Mrs Thérèse Tommo Monthé
Mrs Genoveva
Mrs Marie Therese Taqui
Mrs. Nelly A. Amayo
Mrs Carolyn
Mrs. Asha Sekomo
Mrs Elisabeth
Mrs Maria Teresa Chele Lyanga
Mrs Mamie
Mrs Nadejda
Agogo Do Rego
Mrs Angèle
Ventugol Onyie

United Nations African Mothers Association - UNAMA   501 (c) (3)

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