Even the smallest donation

can change a life! 

" United we stand! Divided we fail."

"Make the difference"

Your donation will help  us to build the futur of women & Children in Africa.

Ways you can donate:

Make a donation

We are more than happy to take cash contributions from donors. You can designate how the funds you share are to be used, or you can make a no strings attached gift that enables the group's executive director or Board of Directors make a decision about how the money should be spent to serve the best interests of the organization.


Donate your time and your talent. You may be able to donate your legal expertise to the organization or offer time helping to run charity events.

Attend to our Fundraising Events

Have fun while also supporting our charity and consider buying a ticket to attend our enjoyable fundraiser events. We hold auctions, dinner dances, and other events throughout the year in order to raise money.

Sponsor a project

We are funding projects for Women and Children in Africa. Ask to sponsor one of them.

* UNAMA is a 503 (c) (3) non profit. All donations are Tax Deductible

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