We have supported many projects all across the globe. We have helped the underprivileged and the ones that needed our help the most.

Projects we funded


  • The Mahalapye day care center for children of low income mothers in Mahalapye, Botswana;

  • An orphanage in Uganda; Women and children who survived the Lake Nyos disaster in Cameroon;

  • The United Nations High Commissioners Office of Refugees to help settle refugee women in the Southern African development community;

  • Clinics in need of medical supplies in Angola, Burundi, Liberia, and Sudan,

  • A nutrition project for the elementary school children in Madagascar;

  • An income-generating project for refugee women based in Chifunga Camp in Malawi;

  • Income-generating projects in Namibia and Somalia;

  • Women and children who survived cyclones Daisy and Gerda in Madagascar;

  • An adult literacy program in Burking Faso;

  • A library for children in Zambia;

  • A shelter for women and children in distress in Mauritius;

  • Housing for widows and children in Rwanda;

  • The Women’s Self-Help Bakery In Eastern Cape, South Africa;

  • The Women’s Village Dairy farm in Sudan;

  • The Cathedral school Rehabilitation Project in Sierra Leone;

  • A training center for illiterate handicapped women in Ain Cheggag, Morocco;

  • The Masai Women Development Sewing Project in Lesotho;

  • The Kindergarten of Santana Village, island of Santiago, Cape Verde,

  • Empowering projects for women and girls in Pokuase Ghana though Women’s Trust Organization;

  • Income generating agricultural projects for the retrenched women’s in Tanzania,

  • School for orphaned girls in Maputo, Mozambique;

  • The Zebu project (cattle and bulls utilization programs in the rural area of Madagascar)

  • Great Lake Basin (Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon), RD Congo, Venezuela, Syria and children related projects around the world.

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